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Hiring QualityHosting4U to Design Your Website
Terms of Service

First and foremost we are not Certified Website Designers, saying that thou we have been designing websites for our own domains and for our clients since 2000.

Our Charges vary depending on how involved you want your website to be. Our hourly charge is $35 per hour, but we can and may set a flat rate (min is $125) after talking to you and finding out what you want.

We required a deposit of at least 50% before we will start any project for you. Once we start, no part of any monies paid to us is refundable. We do not make partial or prorated refunds of any type after we start designing your site.

We will make reasonable changes to your site without any extra charges to you.

We do not do complete Flash Sites at this time but the following partial list will show you a number of items we can to:

Flash Headers

Flash Test Headers

Add music to your site

Add Video to your site

Add Slideshows to your site

We can also install almost any CGI or PHP script found on the Internet that you wish.

It is your responsibility to provide us with the content of your site, including the wording, any and all images you wish to use, music and or video's. All must be in a format and size we can use. The longer it takes you to provide the content needed the longer it will take us to build your website. This can all be discussed when we talk.

How To Contact Us:

Should you have other questions or concerns, CLICK HERE to access our support desk. Or you can call us at 1-561-601-0616, after 6pm EST is best.

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